Terms of Service:


Last updated: AUGUST 27, 2018

All commissioners will abide by these terms whether they have read them or not.

These ToS also applies relatively to my other projects (animation, 3D models, etc).


I accept payment through PayPal invoices which can be paid with a PayPal balance or a credit/debit card. I do not offer payment plans at this time.


There are many things that I will draw, and many things that I won't draw—you'll just have to ask. I prefer drawing anthro animals (furries), but people and feral animals can also be drawn (they are not my strong points). I am not always comfortable drawing NSFW situations. I do not draw copyrighted characters on commission, unless you actually own them. There can and will be exceptions, and all requests will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

You must provide a clear, visual reference of your character. There will be an extra fee for giving me a shaded reference sheet. If you cannot remove the shading, then include a drawing of the same character by at least two different artists alongside the reference sheet to avoid the fee.

Do not ask for free requests unless I am offering them. Free requests are only for drawing copyrighted characters (from TV shows, games, etc. since I am uncomfortable with drawing them on commission), unless otherwise specified. You may see the availability of free requests on social media like my DeviantArt or Tumblr.


You may re-upload and redistribute your commissioned pieces, but you may not claim the original art as your own nor make profit off of it. Credit is highly appreciated.


I have the full right to use any art I created in my own galleries, portfolio, etc. I will not claim your character as my own.


Do not rush me, unless we had agreed on a rush order with an additional cost, and I haven’t been respectively updating you on the status of your commission.


Minor edits by me can be arranged within a week of the piece’s completion. Ask for permission if you want to make any edits to your piece yourself.


Do not use someone else’s commission piece unless you have rights to the character in it.


I only begin work on your commission after full payment. I do not offer refunds unless I feel that I cannot complete your commission.


You may fill out a quote if I am accepting them at the time. Expect a response from me within 2 days or less, otherwise assume that your quote did not come through successfully. If you do not respond to my final price within 2 days, I will assume you do not want to go forth with your commission and cancel our transaction.