Terms of Service:


Last updated: AUGUST 2, 2018

All commissioners will abide by these terms whether they have read them or not.

I accept payment through PayPal invoices which can be paid with a PayPal balance or a credit/debit card. I do not offer payment plans at this time.

I only create costume pieces of animal costumes (fursuits). I will not make costumes of copyrighted characters on commission, unless you actually own them.

You must provide a clear, visual reference of your character. I do not accept shaded references for costumes.


You may upload pictures of your costume, but you may not claim what I made as your own. Credit is highly appreciated.


I have the full right to use pictures I have taken of your costume in my own galleries, portfolio, etc. I will not claim your character as my own.


Do not rush me. I especially take my time with costume commissions. You may ask about the status of your commission once a month if I haven’t updated you already.


It is important that you provide proper measurements so that your costume pieces fit you correctly. Have measuring tape handy, as I will request your specific measurements.


Minor edits by me can be arranged before shipping out your piece. Ask for permission if you want to make any edits to your costume yourself.


I only begin work on your commission after receiving full payment. If you want to cancel after work has been completed, I will only refund you half at the most. A full refund will be issued if it is I who makes the decision that I cannot complete your commission. If you would like to resell your costume pieces, do not sell it for a higher price than what it was purchased for. Feel free to tell me if you are reselling it, as I will give you a signal boost if I can.


Keep in mind that shipping varies by the weight of the pieces and the distance it has to travel. It can be costly. Shipping will be calculated after completion of the costume. Your costume will be shipped out after full payment has been received. I ship from California in the United States.

I can do minor repairs for free. All I ask is that you pay for shipping. Major repairs and refurbishing will come at a cost.


You may fill out a quote if I am accepting them at the time. Expect a response from me within 2 days or less, otherwise assume that your quote did not come through successfully. If you do not respond to my final price within 2 days, I will assume you do not want to go forth with your commission and cancel our transaction.