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Last updated: JUNE 23, 2019

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Digital (on computer)


Traditional (on paper)

My traditional drawings are in greyscale only. They can solely be in black ink, or black ink with grey watercolor shades. You can ask which would suit your character, or you can decide for yourself. The coloring style will not affect the price, but, as with any commission, a character's design may.

I can ship the piece to you if you pay extra for shipping (I will print it if it’s digital). Laminating is optional and free with purchase if shipped.

Multiple characters may be added for an additional price. This will add on at least half of the price listed.

I offer digital reference sheets for commission but only for characters with simple designs. This isn't because I do not want to draw complex characters, I simply feel that my art style may make some parts of a design unclear. Prices can vary depending on the content and will be worked out individually.