These are my characters. Fan art is accepted and appreciated. I am tentative about NSFW fan art, so please get my approval of the content beforehand.

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kludge ref full.png

​Representation of Myself


Kludge Lizarda

Various animals (species shapeshifter) - male - gallery

Kludge Lizarda is, well, quite a literal kludge. He's a mix of different animals, usually bearing dog, goat, and lizard traits. Maybe more. To keep his life interesting, he can easily alter his body to become more or less of something else. Kludge is generally restless and at times gets so bored that he sheds his tail and eats it.

Kludge is very expressive: he exaggerates his movements and emotions, and will do almost anything in the name of fun (especially if there's a risk of physical injury). He is confident, outgoing, and has no problem chatting with strangers as if they've been friends for a decade.

Although Kludge is confident in socializing, he is introverted. He tries to party sometimes, but he'll usually find himself hanging around the back with one or two people, asking them what their favorite music is or what they like to do for fun. He won't talk until he's first talked to, but that will open the floodgates for a long conversation.

This is a representation of a few of my more desired traits and all-around fun, immature side—though a bit more pronounced. Kludge bears a similar physical resemblance to me. I prefer others drawing Kludge rather than drawing him myself.

Jonjei “J.J.” Skunk

"Skunk" (state of matter shapeshifter) - can be drawn as any gender - gallery

jj ref full.png

Jonjei Skunk is a skunk… sort of. No one knows how it was created, but it exists somehow? Many believe it was created due to a glitch in some system, but JJ honestly doesn’t really care and will give you a free shrug if you ask.

JJ is immortal and very emotional (and unhealthily represses it). It generally comes off as flat and withholds its emotions from others. To escape, JJ can use its inner powers to zap itself into game systems, streetlamps, and other electric machines. This can be done to alter the mechanisms inside, explore, or simply hide. It can also transport itself to other realms and realities. JJ possesses some kind of aura within its hands that it can form into various shapes to aid it on its journeys.

If quick enough, JJ can disperse parts of itself to dodge attacks, or melt down into a liquid and seep through the cracks. JJ can indeed become a gas, but keeping that form requires lots of concentration and is in no means favorable (even for a "skunk"). But, that's a lot better than being in an awkward social situation.

This is a representation of some of my less desired traits, serious side, and doesn't particularly physically resemble me. JJ is more of an abstract art form in a way, as well as its own thing, yet still an extension of myself. I prefer drawing JJ to express my personal feelings instead of Kludge.

Other Characters

Roscoe Roedeer

Reindeer - female - gallery

Reference sheet by Ermineralogy


Brynn Giddon

Dog (poodle) - female - gallery

Design received from californiacoyote

Reference sheet by Ermineralogy